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10 Dangers Unique to Electric Bikes

It’s no surprise that two-wheeled vehicles aren’t the safest things to ride on the road. Whether it’s a motorcycle, a scooter, a moped, or even a cycle, riders of all of these are at a much higher risk of injury and fatality than the folks who travel in cars. However, there are few dangers that are especially unique and peculiar to electric bikes of the day. These things are faster than cycles, and slowed than motorcycles (That is, until the Harley LiveWire comes out!), and that’s what makes them unique!

1. Too Much Throttle

Electric motors have the highest torque at zero-rpm. You don’t need to twist them as hard as a regular motorbike. Riders don’t realize this, and give way too much throttle from a deadstop, which more often than not results in them losing their balance and falling off!

2. Twisting A Standing But Running Bike

Unlike gas engines, electric motors make practically no noise or vibration. So, when a bike is idling, it may seem like the motor isn’t running. And that’s when the unlucky few make the mistake of twisting the throttle thinking that the bike isn’t running!

3. Front Hub Motor Fork Failure

This is one of the worst things that can happen to your electric bike. If your front fork breaks, there’s a very good chance your face will too!

4. Battery Fires

Lithium batteries may not seem like gasoline, but they aren’t any less combustible. Special care needs to be given in this regard. Cheaper batteries have been known to cause fire themselves without an outside trigger, during use, as well as during charging.

5. Locking Up Of Bearings

This is a problem peculiar to powerful mid-drives. A bike’s pedals can go turning full-speed, if any of the freewheel bearings lock up.

6. Passing Others Silently

Bikers often say that motorcycles are invisible to car drivers. That’s because of our small size. A lot of Harley guys use loud pipes so cagers would see them. But imagine your bike being completely silent. Nobody would know you’re there. And nobody accounts for things they can’t see.

7. Forgetting You’re On A Motorized Vehicle

While electric bikes look like bicycles, they really aren’t. These things can go fast enough to kill you, and unlike motorcycles don’t have any of that braking power or stability. Riders often don’t realize how fast they’re going, and what consequences that may have!

8. Throttle Stuck At Full Wide

Some of the cheaper bikes can have their throttle jammed in the wide-open position. This essentially has the rider throttling at full speed, and nothing much to do about it!

9. Breaking Signals

Cyclists break traffic signals all the time, and no one bats an eye! People on electric bikes often like to pretend their cyclists too! But guys, you aren’t!

10. Doing Speeds The Bikes Are Not Made For

A lot of people use DIY kits to convert their regular cycles to electric bikes. And while that may be fun, what they don’t realize is that the manufacturer made that thing for you to cycle, and not for a motor to propel. Bicycles are designed to be ridden at a maximum speed of around 30mph. So, make sure conversion bikes don’t break that threshold!

What are some of the other dangers and problems peculiar to electric bikes? Let us know in the comments section below.



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