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Over 100 Pagan’s MC Members Gathered At Northampton For a Heart Breaking Reason

The Pagan’s MC is one of the most powerful “one-percenter motorcycle club” in the United States. Active in 13 states, the Pagan’s are classified by the FBI as an outlaw motorcycle “gang”.

With about 350-400 members across 44 chapters, the Pagans are a formidable force across the East Coast of United States. They are notoriously infamous for their involvement in illegal drug trade.

So when 100 Pagans gather at one place on one morning, it generally isn’t good news!

In light of the Waco shooting of 2015, one might think something real bad may go down. However, when these Pagans gathered in Northampton, the Police weren’t worried. Not that there was any good news, but there wasn’t the kind of bad news one would expect.

The Pagans had gathered for their long-time member Ronald S. Bedics Jr.

Bedics was fondly known as Rocky, who once worked in construction. He was also a member of an organization which raised money for people who get injured while on job, called the Pennsylvania Federation of Injured Workers. The 54-year old biker was a graduate of the Whitehall High School.

And recently, he met an untimely death.

The obituary didn’t mention the cause of death, but we wouldn’t be surprised if had something to do with club business! The fallen Pagan’s funeral was held at the Schisler Funeral Home at 2119 Washington Ave.

The services were to start at noon, while friends and family were expected at around 9:30 AM.

Condolences poured in on the family’s social media accounts wouldn’t have one believe that Rocky could be a “gang member”. Maybe he wasn’t, maybe he was just a good biker who happened to be a part of the Pagans! What do you think?

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