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12 Reasons Why It’s Absolutely Amazing To Date A Motorlady!

If there’re two things I absolutely love in life, they’re motorcycles and women. And when you mix the two, you come up with the most amazing creation of man and god together, women who ride motorcycles, or like some of us like to call them “Motorladies”.

There’s something about the charm and charisma that just gets to me and a lot of my other biker bros! They can be the most amazing women, and also the most amazing women to date! So, we compiled a list of 15 reasons why dating them is just absolutely amazing!

Reason #1

With all the work and power they put to twisting the throttle and pulling the clutch, they’ve got strong fingers. And I don’t need to tell you what else looks like a throttle and loves to be played with!

Reason #2

With all the miles they put on the two wheels, they know exactly when to slow down, and exactly when to go weeee!

Reason #3

They know the importance of protection and make sure that they and their partner are always protected!

Reason #4

With all the dust and dirt they get in their pretty faces and on their gorgeous hair while riding through the open wind, they know what its like to be dirty, and they just love it!

Reason #5

They love to ride. They’ll do with two-strokes, they’ll do with four. All they care is about riding their thing like there’s no tomorrow!

Reason #6

They know how to hard ride, and they just love to do it!

Reason #7

Those of them who’ve been riding for long enough, know what the rhythm is and how to feel it. And they don’t shy away from making their partner feel it too!

Reason #8

They don’t really like to pull out before it’s done. They know how important it’s finish, and they ride their way all the way to it!

Reason #9

Staying in a single position is just too mundane for them. They can ride in all the positions you can think of, all the positions you can dream of!

Reason #10

The simplest reasons of all. They love to ride, and they love to do it all the time. Again, you know who else loves that!

Reason #11

When they find a new position they can ride in, a new thing they can do, they like to practice it, practice it till they’re perfect at it. They say “Practice makes a man perfect”, but in their case “Practice really makes these women perfect!”

Reason #12

With all that tight spots in traffic, parking lots, and alleys, when they see a tight area, they really know their way around it!

So, there you have it. 12 reasons from the top of my head on why it’s just amazing to day motorladies. What’s your take on it? Got any more interesting reasons? Have you ever dated a motorlady before? How was it? below.


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