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8 Things Needed for a Sons of Anarchy Clone Bike

You may be a straight-arrow white collar guy in real life who hasn’t even been in a fight. But, when you watch Sons of Anarchy, there’s a part of you that wants to be Jax Teller. Well, I wouldn’t suggest you go around becoming an outlaw biker killing hundreds of people. What you CAN do is clone your bike to look like one of the SAMCROs! And here’s how you can do that..

Step 1: Get a Harley-Davidson. Preferably A Dyna!

If you look closely, you’ll see that most bikes on the show are Dynas. The twin-shock rear suspension is the biggest giveaway!

Step 2: No Fancies

Bikes in SoA aren’t really fancy. You’ve got to be mean, fierce, tough. Not flamboyant!

Step 3: No Chrome

This isn’t true for every bike on the show, but is, for most of them. You want be that rider who disappeared in the darkness of the night, not that “shiny one riding down the street”!

Step 4: Black It Out!

There’s no color that can ever make you look more badass than black can. SAMCROs are some of the most badass people in town, and they like to dawn all black. Black glasses, black shirts, black pants, black gloves, black boots, black helmets, black cuts, AND black bikes!

Step 5: Get Some T-Bars

Again, there are deviations from this one. But these things are really going to come in handy when you’re running from those cops!

Step 6: Get a Quarter Fairing

This is something you’d find on just about every guy’s ride if they tour a lot on the highway, and don’t have a sharknose or batwing fairing already. The latter two make the bike less maneuverable, so these “detachable quarter fairings” are what you need!

Step 7: Get Turn Signals on Mirrors

This may seem fancy, but it’s more of functional! You want to let them cagers know where you’re going so they can make space for the “biker”!

Step 8: Get The Right Friends

Now that you have your bike started, you’ve got to start working on your “ride”. SAMCROs seldom ride alone. They’re always with “someone from the gang”, and that’s what you need too!


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