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Ask Bikers: Could Anything Make You Stop Riding ?

Have you ever thought about hanging up the boots? Giving up the passion of your life for good? Ever thought of selling those two wheels and never getting another set? The thought itself seems preposterous at its first mention. But, I’m sure, most of us have given it a thought at least once in our lifetime! Whether it was after a wreck, or that of a friend, whether it was after having kids, or some other life-changing incident.

Riding for all its worth comes with its fair share of risks.

And for some of us, sometimes, the joy isn’t worth the risk anymore! And that’s when we decide to leave behind this passion of a lifetime. Many do it, only to realize years later the mistake they made. So, we decided to ask these bikers if they ever thought something like that, and what we got was a mixed bag of reactions, experiences, and stories! It’s really worth a read!

This reader on a Harley forum had his encounter when his buddy met an accident and died on his way to meet him and his friends for a rider!

While another never gave it a thought, even after he went to the hospital after he hit a deer!

And then there was this poor fellow who wasn’t left with enough to be able to ride anymore, after his divorce settlement!

This rider meanwhile hung up their boots for a good 27 years, before their date got to pick them up on a Harley!

Wrecks and lack of money aren’t the only things that stop people from riding. There those who have kids, and “want to watch them grow up”!

And some incidents can just change one’s perspective to life and riding, like it happened with this guy…

Have YOU ever thought about giving up riding? What prompted it? DID you give it up? If no, then what stopped you? And if you did, did you ever get back? Share with us in the comments section below.

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