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Biker Stands Up For Her Right to Ride in HOV Lane After She Got Ticketed

I doubt if there’s a country with more laws than ours. Thanks to our peculiar federal structure of state and government, citizens are subjected to a whole bunch of laws made by different legislatures and government. There are the federal laws, then there are the state laws, and then there are the municipal laws!

Amidst all these different laws can present a lot of confusion. And conflict!

According to the U.S. Code governing High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes – Title 23, Sector 166, bikers are allowed to use the HOV lanes. Yet, when Karen Perrine, of Staten Island, was riding her Yamaha FZ1 down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in a New York City HOV lane, she was ticketed.

But how does one get ticketed for exercising a federal right?

That is because New York City rules prohibited motorcycles from using HOC lanes! And there began Perrine’s ordeal of trying to prove that she was the one in the right and not the other way around.

Three years and 1270 dollars in appeal, driver’s assessment fees, and a new insurance policy later, her conviction was finally reversed. Consequently, it was removed from her driving record as well.

Perrine says she thought she was helping prevent other bikers from this suffering.

She says she thought about how she was helping change local traffic laws and was preventing other bikers from suffering like the way she has!


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