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Bikers Ride on the State Capitol

Members of ABATE, or American Bikers Aiming Toward Education road on to the Capitol courtyard Monday morning, for their annual ceremony commemorating fallen bikers.

They read roughly 50 names of ABATE members who died in accidents over the last year.

The group also thanked Legislators for their efforts to make texting while driving a primary offense.

ABATE President James “DOC” Reichenbach says the Legislation will hopefully result in fewer bikers killed on the roads.

“We’re losing too many people. Too many young people are getting hurt. I’m not gonna pick on the young people because we got older people who do it too, but it’s a good bill, we highly support it and if they need anything from us to do it we’re there for them,” said Reichenbach.

One of ABATE’s goals is to ensure Legislators don’t make it mandatory for bikers to wear helmets. The group also wants state funds, formerly dedicated to motorcycle safety education, to be restored.


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