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Idaho Moves to Ban Motorcycle Profiling

As a Representative tables a “Profiling” Bill before the South Dakota Senate, Idaho was on its way of doing actual good. Idaho joined hands with several states that don’t wish to look motorcyclists like criminals. So, far Washington and Maryland are the only two states with such laws in place. …

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MC Members Being Arrested For Unlawful Carry Without Cause

In a blatant abuse of our First And Second Amendment Rights, law enforcement agencies are aggressively pursuing motorcycle club members for carrying arms. And this doesn’t just include one-percenters, but just about any person who is a member of a motorcycle club. In the past few years, law enforcement agencies …

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Fed up biker takes matters into his own hands

Last year motorcyclist Pikkie Visser warned motorists, especially motorcyclists, about the huge potholes on Trezona Avenue. Visser rightly argued that although the potholes could cause serious damage to a car, it could be fatal for motorcyclists should they drive into them. Visser appealed to the authorities to have the potholes …

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