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Is This The Future For All Motorcycles – Adaptive Cruise Control?

Cruise Control has been a feature that’s been on cars since quite some time now. Back when it first came out, it just allowed drivers to not have their foot on the gas to maintain a steady speed. However, we’ve come a long way since then!

Tesla’s Autopilot practically drives the car for a driver!

Driver Assistance System of today’s time use a plethora of sensors and onboard computers to pick up information from a vehicle’s surroundings and provide the necessary inputs to the car’s controls. Automatic braking has become far too common in cars today.

But what’s in it for the bikers?

Well, other than the fact, that this technology is making cars less prone to human error and bikers safer on the road, we could soon see its variation on the two wheels! So, of course, we aren’t expecting self-driving motorcycles as of yet.

But, one could expect a lot of cool of rider assistance features and adaptive cruise control on motorcycles soon!

Honda, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, as well as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers has just filed a patent application that suggests thing are moving really well in this front.

Honda intends to fit radars, front-facing cameras, and other sensors to their motorcycles.

Considering how the components for these systems are now being mass-produced, and how most motorcycles today come with ride-by-wire throttles and ABS, getting these rider-assistance systems on motorcycles may not be as challenging or as expensive as you may think!

What’s your view on it? Would you mind shelling out a couple of extra dollars to get a motorcycle with a system like this? Let us know in the comments section below.


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