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Hells Angels Member Pleads Guilty to Hiring Hitman to Kill his Ex-Wife – US Attorney

In the past few months, we’ve come across a lot of news pieces about Hells Angels chapters and members going down. The times haven’t been so great for the Angels with all hell raining down on them. This time, however, we have news about a sole Angel having fallen.

Most of the Hells Angels crackdowns have been in Germany and Australia.

This one, though, is straight at home. Unlike the others, this one doesn’t have club business being a cause for conviction, but the mere high-headedness and absolute disregard for the law of this Hells Angels member making him fall in the clutches of law!

Jerry Oliver, 52, is a member of the Hells Angels Lexington County chapter in South Carolina.

Oliver did not comply with the divorce decree with his ex-wife. Consequently, he and his ex-wife were scheduled for a hearing in a family court proceeding.

He wanted his ex-wife dead before she could appear in court, and so decided to hatch a plot where he would have her murdered and make it look like a robbery gone bad.

Through his Hells Angels membership, he met someone.

This person Oliver wanted to kill his wife was working as a driver and had been charged with DUI. He feared losing his job, and Oliver offered to help him out with it. He recommended an attorney to the man and told him that he’d cover the costs of the attorney too. The only condition? He’ll have to kill Oliver’s ex-wife.

Little did Oliver know that this person wasn’t “just a driver”, but also an FBI informant. The informant contacted the FBI with this, and that’s when the plot turned. The FBI had their informant record his interactions with Oliver.

After numerous phone calls and in-person conversations, where Oliver discussed the plot of the murder, FBI got a lot of firepower against Oliver.

The final light of the match was when Oliver was when Oliver gave his “contract killer” a loaded gun along with pictures of his ex-wife he had gotten from her Facebook page.

There was no way Oliver was getting out of this one!

Under South Carolina law, ‘murder for hire’ in such a case is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment which may extend to 10 years. For once, Oliver did the smart thing in his life, and plead guilty. Consequently, he was handed over a negotiated 10-year sentence.


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