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Horrific: Female Motorcyclist Rammed Off Road in Terrifying ‘Unprovoked’ Road Rage Attack – And Nobody Stopped to Help

I just have a soft spot for lady bikers. I don’t have a reason for it. But, I just do. It’s quite amazing to me how some amazing chics pick up their bikes and go out to ride, when even most men are chicken enough to not do that.

Unlike in most of the US, lane-splitting is legal in the UK, as it should be. So, one day, stuck in traffic on her way to her home in Bedminster, that was what this lady biker was doing.

As the cagers were struck in the gridlock of the traffic, 27-year old Samantha Gadsby filtered through them on her Triumph.

However, that didn’t go down well this old cager. When Samantha saw two cars in her front trying to take a left, she decided to get back in the line. As soon as the cars took their left, she felt something ridiculously close to her bike.

Apparently, this guy in a car behind her had accelerated up to her, and looked boiling with anger. And then, he just turned his steering left, and rammed straight into her brand new $12,000 Triumph!

Consequently, Samantha’s leg was sandwiched between her bike and this guy’s car. When she screamed at him asking what he was doing, he continued to ram into her bike, till she fell down on the pavement!

And what’s worse? Nobody from the stopped vehicles came by to help her! The man, then came out of his car, and grabbed a poor Samantha by the scruff! She started to abuse and scream in her face, questioning her on why she “pushed in”. The man eventually went back in his car and sped off.

However, all this while, nobody came to her help! She said:

“The fact that no one stopped or got help is just obscene.”
“Traffic was at a standstill. It was basically a captive audience.”
“If I’m honest with you, I think people didn’t give a s**t. I think people just wanted to get home.”

The incident aggravated the biker’s back and ankle injuries, left a burn on her leg, deep bruising, and over $2500 of cosmetic damages on her bike! She’s now seeking help from the people to find this cager, so the Police can arrest him.

The Police have, meanwhile, are making a case of hit and run.

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