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Is it Legal For Restaurants to Refuse You Service When You’re Wearing Your Cuts?

A while ago, we had shared the story of restaurant refusing service to a bumch of veterans until they removed their cuts. And as one would expect out of a self-respecting biker, they chose to refuse the restaurant of business, instead. And that restaurant wasn’t the only one which does that. Most of them cite the reason that this can cause club-related violence, which they’d rather not have. But, can a restaurant really refuse to serve you, just because you’re wearing cuts? We find out.

Rooted In Fear

Most people, who don’t ride, don’t understand the difference between a one-percenter club and a regular motorcycle club. Heck, they don’t even understand the difference between an MC, an RC, an Association, and a Group! Consequently, all the bad press the one-percenters get has its effects on anyone and everyone who wears colors.

Growing and Changing Community Of Bikers

Back in the 1950s, bikers were essentially an element of the rebel counter-culture. It was not uncommon for a biker to be part of some sort of gang. Things are a lot different, but the image of a “biker” is still pretty much the same.

Discrimination Against Bikers

While the Constitution explicitly prohibits discrimination against an individual on the basis of things like gender, creed, religion, or race, it’s not the same for bikers. Restauranteers, use the anticipation of “trouble” or “fear” as the grounds they discriminate against individuals, who just happen to be bikers!

So, Isn’t There Any Legal Recourse?

Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. Any legal battle on the subject is bound to cost more money than anybody’s willing to spare, and the bad press of the one-percenters isn’t going to help our bikers’ cause at all. The only thing that has helped stop discrimination against bikers is lobbying to induce laws such as the Anti-Motorcycle-Profiling Laws of Maryland, all the way from the grassroots to DC.

Bikers who lend their helping hands and wheels for social and philanthropic causes are really helping change the public mindset too!

So, Any “Other” Options?

Bikers are people who travel a lot, eat a lot, drink a lot, and socialize a lot. It’s no surprise that a lot of the business a lot of the bars and eateries get is because of bikers, bikers who travel in groups! Just our sheer numbers and the strong word-of-mouth the “brethren of bikers” has, is enough to bring most business to their knees!

Okay Then, What Do “I” Do?

The next time someone refuses you service, you can probably make a few flyers made, and send them to your local Harley dealers and pass on information about the incident to your other buddies who ride. Once they start losing out on a lot of business, they’d soon make it a point to reconsider their “No colors” decision.


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