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Shocking: 21-Year-Old Who Killed Motorcyclist in Pot DUI Crash Avoids Prison

DUI or Driving Under Influence is one of the most serious problems of our roads today. Every year, thousands of motorists are killed on American roads because some irresponsible person was driving drunk or high! Countless lives and countless families have been destroyed because of this, and yet there’s no stopping these idiots.

For a social menace like this, one would expect the law to have a heavy hand on these criminals.

But not in Montana! In March 2016, 21-year old Kent Jensen was driving his car while high on marijuana. Montana Law treats a person as “driving under influence”, if they have a THC concentration of more than 5 ng/mL in their blood. Jensen was tested for a concentration of 19ng/mL, about 4 times the legal limit.

While driving high in Billings, Jensen hit 31-year old Jashua Fry who was riding his motorcycle.

Fry lost his life in the accident, but there wasn’t much his murderer lost in this whole. After about 2 years, when Kensen’s trial concluded, he was sentenced to 25 years, with the Montana Department of Corrections. That seems like a very fair punishment for someone who killed a man because of such gross negligence.

However, the shocking part was that out of Kensen’s 25-year sentence, 20 years stood suspended.

And he wouldn’t even be serving the remaining 5 years in prison. He’d have his stay at a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Program.

To me, this is absolutely outrageous. This just sends out a signal that if you want to kill somebody, just smoke up before that! And that’s obviously the very wrong kind of message we’re sending to these stoners. What are your thoughts about this? Share with us in the comments section below!


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