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Sons Of Anarchy Prequel And Sequel About Jax’s Family Confirmed

Sons of Anarchy is without a doubt the best biker drama we’ve ever seen. And with its sequel Mayans MC coming soon this year, that may just change!

The Mayans MC is set in the time after Jax’s death and chronicles the rise of EZ Reyes.

However, there’s a lot of story still left untold in the SoA universe. And if Kurt Sutter has his way, he’d like to tell us all about it. Sometime back we had done a feature on the other storylines the SoA creators could have considered for a spinoff.

And Sutter wants to put to action two of those storylines!

Together with the original Sons of Anarchy and the Mayans MC, he sees them as the “dream quartet”. These striking details were revealed by Kurt Sutter himself, in an interview with Tom Arnold on his podcast, 100% Honest!

Sons of Anarchy was the first chapter. The Mayans MC is the second. And Sutter has two other chapters he wants to tell us!

While the Mayans MC deals with the present and the Sons of Anarchy dealt with the present of a few years ago, the third chapter would deal with the past. The third chapter will tell the story of Jax’s father returning from Vietnam and setting up the motorcycle club! The show is likely to be called the ‘The First 9’!

Sutter said that if they’re “lucky enough to continue” with the Mayans MC, he’d shine some light on the story of Jax’s father. He’d use the Mayans MC as a “launching pad” for ‘The First 9’.

While the fourth chapter would be set much in the future from today.

This one, according to Sutter, might be a series that’ll tell a story where Jax’s son would come to know who their father was!

Sutter also revealed stuff that gives us an insight on what to expect from the Mayans MC!

Sutter tells us that in the Mayans MC they’re going to show the “reality of that last day.” We’ll get to see the events that happened. The impact it had on Northern Cali, and the other mysteries we’ve been wondering about since the Series finale aired!

Until now, I was just super-excited for the Mayans MC. But seems like Sutter has our whole lifetime worth of biker drama planned!

If he goes by with his plans, the SoA universe would run longer than just about any drama that has aired on television. Certainly the longest biker drama! How excited are you to know this? When do you think these shows will come out? Are there any other storylines you’d want for Sutter to explore in the SoA universe? Tell us in the comments section below!

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